Aged Care Centre Fees

The fees that Residents in our Aged Care Centre may incur are:

1.  Ongoing Care Fees - these fees relate to your daily living costs and are divided into two parts:

a.  a basic daily fee which is payable by all Residents;

b. a means-tested care fee which is determined by a Resident's assessable income and assets.  This care fee is in addition to the basic daily fee.

2. Accommodation Payments - these payments relate to the cost of your accommodation in an aged care home and are in addition to the abovementioned Ongoing Care Fees. 

This payment is only applicable if your assets exceed an amount set by the Australian Government and is agreed with our Centre prior to your occupation.  The Accommodation Payment can be made by one of the following methods:

a. a refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) -  This is a lump sum payment.

b. a daily accommodation payment (DAP) - This is a daily payment.

c. a combination of both the RAD & DAP.

A Resident has up to twenty-eight (28) days, after entering the Centre, to decide on their payment method.

For a more detailed explanation of fees and charges please refer to pages 17 through 27 of the Australian Government Publication - "5 Steps to Entry into Residental Aged Care".  Alternatively, you can visit the following websites: