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Welcome to the Woolgoolga and District Retirement Village website.

The vision of Woolgoolga and District Retirement Village is that we provide high quality, adaptive, relevant and flexible housing, services and activities for our clients to support and guide them through the ageing process

The Village provides:

  • Independent Living accommodation in a range of villa style homes and units;
  • Ageing in Place services in the Aged Care Centre; and,
  • Respite services in the Aged Care Centre.

Our aim is to provide high quality, flexible, adaptive housing and aged care service to our clients. Our services are designed to promote our clients dignity, health, happiness and participation in the community regardless of race, culture or religion.

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24 June 2022

I regret to inform you that we have been advised that forteen residents of Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre have tested positive for Covid-19.  Eight of these residents have recovered since the commencement of this outbreak, but six residents are currently in isolation and we are closely monitoring them and working with their health care professionals and consulting with their families.  Woolgoolga & District Retirement Village Ltd have conducted a risk assessment of the exposure to other residents and staff by these individuals and are consulting with the Public Health Unit, the Local Area Health District, NSW Health and the Federal Department of Health amongst others.   The risk to residents and staff is considered low/moderate due to our infection control processes in place and all measures and precautions are being taken.  All infection control processes that should have taken place have been confirmed to have in fact taken place to limit exposures to others.

At this stage no other residents at the facility are unwell or showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19.  Resident and staff testing is underway in the facility as a precaution only.

I understand this situation may be an upsetting and distressing time for you and your family and loved ones.  However, I want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents, and the situation is being closely monitored.

We are working closely with the relevant health authorities, particularly the local Public Health Unit, to minimise the spread of infection and contain and control this outbreak as quickly and safely as possible. Our Outbreak Management Team has been activated, and additional precautions in Infection Prevention and Control and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) wearing are taking place.

Unfortunately, due to the covid outbreak, the village will remain closed to general visitors. Visits for essential visitors and partners in care will however are being facilitated.  This decision has been taken, based on the advice of our infection control expert and current risk assessment. 

As we are experiencing an active outbreak, we will only allow essential and partner in care visits under strict conditions under our Red visiting status protocols. which have been communicated to persons responsible previously and only essential visitors and partners in care visits will be allowed until the outbreak is cleared.

At present if you are not nominated as an essential visitor or partner in care for one of our residents and wish to visit with a loved one via technology, please contact either Birg, Madison, Cheryl, Laura or Karen on 02 6654 0022 and they will organise a technology visit with you.

If you are nominated as an essential visitor or partner in care and wish to visit with your loved one, please contact either Birg, Madison, Cheryl, Laura or Karen on 02 6654 0022, who will facilitate your visit.  Please note you will be subject to screening and additional requirements for infection control during your visit.   For your safety and the safety of the wider community we implore you to observe all infection prevention protocols and practices when on site, and please be patient with our overstretched staff who will do all they can to assist you.  Please allow extra time for training in Infection Prevention and Control and covid screening prior to your visit taking place.

I would like to assure you that we will continue to meet our responsibilities and deliver safe, quality care and services to all residents. We will keep our lines of communication open to ensure you are kept informed and updated if the situation changes in any way.

With the support of NSW Health, care provision will continue for all residents, regardless of COVID-19 status. This will be in the form of clinical outreach teams, as available, and working collaboratively with residents’ usual general practitioners and other treating specialists as and if required.

If any further residents test positive to COVID-19 in the future, treatment may occur here in our facility, or in hospital when needed.

We will keep persons responsible informed through letters, e-mails, phone calls as required, and we will immediately notify relevant persons if a residents condition changes.  This website will also be updated as required.

We thank you for your understanding, partnership, and patience during this challenging time.

Yours sincerely,

Sasha Andrews

Chief Executive Officer