Welcome to Woolgoolga Retirement Village

Welcome to the Woolgoolga and District Retirement Village website.

The vision of Woolgoolga and District Retirement Village is that we provide high quality, adaptive, relevant and flexible housing, services and activities for our clients to support and guide them through the ageing process

The Village provides:

  • Independent Living accommodation in a range of villa style homes and units;
  • Ageing in Place services in the Aged Care Centre; and,
  • Respite services in the Aged Care Centre.

Our aim is to provide high quality, flexible, adaptive housing and aged care service to our clients. Our services are designed to promote our clients dignity, health, happiness and participation in the community regardless of race, culture or religion.

Please browse through our website to gain a better understanding of the Village, its purpose and the services we offer.


The happiness, safety, health and wellbeing of our Residents is an absolute priority for Woolgoolga & District Retirement Village Ltd. Given the high rates of community transmission and the frequency of COVID-19 outbreaks and exposures, prolonged periods of lockdowns are now common.

We know the that being able to have a visit with a loved one is a compassionate action, essential to support the emotional, social, and mental wellbeing of our residents.

The following visiting protocols have been developed in line with Industry Code of Vising in Aged Care Homes (https://www.cota.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Industry-Code-for-Visitiing-Aged-Care-Homes-22122021.pdf)  in support of residents being able to continue to receive visitors and balance the risk and safety obligations of preventing and managing an outbreak or exposure with the risk of social isolation and harm caused by excluding visitors.

Two protocols for visiting have been developed for WDRV are provided below, and they outline:

  1. The visiting protocol Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre will adopt when we are not experiencing an outbreak or exposure.
  2. The protocol Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre will adopt when we experience and outbreak or exposure.

Visiting Protocol 1:  When Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre is not experiencing an outbreak/exposure - AMBER

 Due to the high rates of community transmission.

  • One fully vaccinated visitor per resident per day. Regrettably, this means children under 12 cannot visit at this time.
  • Visits need to be pre-booked. A limited number of visitors will be able to attend at any one time to ensure that maximum numbers of people in various areas of the facility are not exceeded. You are encouraged to pre-book a few days in advance for busy periods such as lunchtime to avoid disappointment. As we have additional staff employed to facilitate visitor access bookings should be made to occur between 10.00am and 3.00pm daily wherever possible.  Visits outside of this time can only occur through special arrangement under the authority of the Chief Executive Officer or Director of Nursing.
  • Visitors will need to show proof of full vaccination, participate with screening, check in using the QR codes and be subject to a RAT test (which must produce a negative result). You will also need to follow mask-wearing and PPE requirements and only visit in the designated visiting areas and follow staff instruction at all times.
  • You will only be able to visit the resident you nominate to visit at the time of your visit.
  • Visitors are also strongly encouraged to get a Covid-19 booster vaccine and 2022 influenza vaccination if eligible, as soon as possible.

Essential Care visits: Access by Essential Visitors (partners in care - nominated visitor or end of life visits) will be facilitated on a regular basis. Visiting hours for Essential Visitors will be available for those that work full time and include weekends. The length of time an Essential Visitor can visit will not be restricted.

Residents outings: Are permitted in homes not experiencing an outbreak or exposure. We encourage all residents and families to follow all the usual precautions and meet in lower risk areas (such as outdoor venues) wherever possible. Residents who go out and return on same day will undertake RAT on days 2, 4 and 7 without isolating. If they do not return on same day, then they need isolate till a negative RAT and then repeat RAT on days 3, 5 and 7 without further isolation. If they develop any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, we will need them to isolate where possible and undertake a PCR test.

Visiting Protocol 2:    When Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre is experiencing an outbreak/exposure- RED

When the Public Health Unit (PHU) gives a direction to restrict visiting to Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre, essential care visits are still permissible. If Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre experiences an exposure or outbreak the WDRV Outbreak Management Team will consult with the Public Health unit.  Our aim is to ensure continuity of care for residents who would normally experience daily or regular support from loved ones, prior to the outbreak or exposure.

During periods of visitor restrictions, we will increase video and phone calls so our residents can stay connected with loved ones, but it is also important to note that video and phone calls can be arranged at any time whether visiting restrictions are in place or not.

Essential Care visits:  Partners in care or end of life visits will be facilitated even during an outbreak or exposure.

Partners in care are those visitors who play a recognised role in the daily care and support of a resident, such as: helping with meals, personal care, and emotional support. These visitors are particularly important for residents with dementia and residents with a diagnosed mental health issue.

To be deemed a partner in care you would have visited the resident regularly and provided assistance with tasks of daily living. A register of partners in care will be maintained at Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre. The determination of who is a partner in care is established between the resident/visitor/family’s person responsible and the Chief Executive Officer and/or Director of Nursing. Each resident can nominate one partner in care.

Approved partners in care are permitted to continue visiting if they are fully vaccinated (includes booster vaccination), are willing to participate in screening and check in using the QR codes, to produce a negative RAT test prior to entry (frequency of testing will be the same as being done for staff) and wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and abide by all infection control guidelines.

Partners in care can visit for up to 2 hours per day around a mealtime to assist their loved one. Visits must occur within the residents own room.

In addition to partners in care, visitors who need to see a loved one who is at end of life, can visit in consultation with the Director of Nursing who will facilitate these visits if clinically indicated. Visitors should be fully vaccinated, produce a negative RAT test prior to entry into the home and wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). If you are not fully vaccinated, the Director of Nursing will discuss additional precautions to be taken to facilitate the visit.

Visiting hours for partners in care and end-of-life visitors are available for those that work full time and include weekends but are preferred at the service between 10.00am and 3.00pm daily as we have additional staff employed to facilitate visitor access and provide testing and screening for persons entering the centre.

Orientation to properly donning and doffing PPE is available here https://youtu.be/Yk3P1HDYURI  and will be provided at Woolgoolga Aged Care centre for initial visits of partners in care and essential visitors including end of life visitors.

Residents’ outings are not permitted when Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre is experiencing an outbreak or exposure, unless in consultation with the Director of Nursing the appointment is deemed essential.

Every effort will be made to defer medical appointments or conduct them virtually where possible when the centre is in outbreak or exposure.