Welcome to Woolgoolga Retirement Village

Welcome to the Woolgoolga and District Retirement Village website.

The vision of Woolgoolga and District Retirement Village is that we provide high quality, adaptive, relevant and flexible housing, services and activities for our clients to support and guide them through the ageing process

The Village provides:

  • Independent Living accommodation in a range of villa style homes and units;
  • Ageing in Place services in the Aged Care Centre; and,
  • Respite services in the Aged Care Centre.

Our aim is to provide high quality, flexible, adaptive housing and aged care service to our clients. Our services are designed to promote our clients dignity, health, happiness and participation in the community regardless of race, culture or religion.

Please browse through our website to gain a better understanding of the Village, its purpose and the services we offer.

 COVID 19 (Coronavirus) UPDATE AS AT 26 FEBRUARY 2021


Further to recent communications regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we continue to monitor the developing situation to ensure the appropriate precautionary measures are in place at Woolgoolga & District Retirement Village Ltd incorporating Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre.

Our commitment to our residents is and always will be our number one priority. To protect resident's health and wellbeing from the threat of COVID-19, over the past few months we have made a number of difficult decisions around restricted access to Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre and we monitor what is occurring on this front daily.

Recently we amended our visiting policy and have introduced a new three tier visiting policy. A copy of the policy has been distributed to residents and their persons responsible. 

WDRV has now moved back to Tier One of our visiting policy.

To visit a resident at the facility you will need to pre-book a time to visit by ringing 02 6654 0022 between the hours of 10.00am and 3.00pm each day and speak to either Leith or Maddison our Connections Facilitators. You will also need to have a current influenza vaccination and must have the Service NSW Covid App downloaded on your mobile phone so you can scan into the village at the time of your visit. All visitors will be required to abide by the terms of the visiting policy. You will need to be screened and observe all instructions from our staff when on site. You will be required to wear a face mask when you are in close proximity (within 1.5 meters) of a resident for more than 5 minutes during your visit and you will need to ensure Covid health and hygiene measures and instructions from our helpful staff are followed.

All visitors will also need to complete a declaration at the time of the visit to enable us to perform a risk assessment.

Families are welcome to take their loved ones out after an application for external visitation has been completed and successful risk assessment has been conducted. Please note this process takes at least 3 business days so you must provide us with that much notice or your visit could be declined. Please note that on external visits all NSW Health guidelines must be observed.

Please note we will restrict entry to Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre to anyone who is displaying flu like symptom, who has a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher or who has personally been to or from, or come into contact with anyone who has been in the following States, Local Government Areas, venues and/or travelled on the nominated flights, buses, taxis, rideshares or trains on these dates or been tested for Covid-19 and is awaiting their results or who has been advised by State or Territory Health authorities to quarantine. 

If you have been to a hotspot as listed below you may not be able to enter the facility nor take a resident out of the centre unless you are here with prior approval from the relevant authorities and our Director of nursing to visit a palliating resident:

Location and Dates

  • Anywhere overseas Anytime in the last 14 days 
  • On a cruise ship Anytime in the last 14 days 
  • Anywhere overseas Anytime in the last 14 days 

New Zealand Locations and Dates

  • City of Auckland Greater Auckland and Local Area Anytime in the last 14 days 

Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre advises if you have attended these places or venues or been on the above mentioned flights, buses, taxis, light rail, rideshares, Ferries or trains on these dates or have come into contact with someone that has, you may not be allowed to enter Woolgoolga Aged Care Centre until 14 days after they/you last attended the place, venue, flight, bus or train trip or had contact with the individual who did and are well.

We will continue to update this information as more is advised by NSW and other State and Territory Health authorities.

The threat of Covid-19 is still very alive and as we all know affects the most vulnerable in our community the worst. We all have an obligation to protect these vulnerable people.

If you or someone you know has been in the places listed above, please do not attempt to visit the village or ask for residents to visit you. Please urgently attend your nearest Covid-19 testing centre and get tested then go home and self-isolate until your results come through. It remains essential that anyone with symptoms, even very mild symptoms, get tested.

As previously mentioned today we have sent another update to our visiting policy together with a Covid-19 update to our external visitation declaration form to the nominated persons responsible for each resident, and this individual has been asked to share this amongst their loved ones family and friends.
As you know we are 100 percent committed to keeping both residents and our staff safe during the Covid-19 pandemic so we can continue to provide the best and safest services we can to our residents and to those that love them.

We remain extremely concerned that Covid-19 is a particularly virulent virus that is transmitted easily and residents at the centre continue to remain at risk of infection. We implore you to observe the guidelines contained in our policies when visiting residents or having them to visit you.

We continue to rely on expert advice about the relevant tier of visiting we should be at, at any given time. We also advise that if there are further new local cases of Covid-19 in our region we will immediately instigate tightening of our visitor's policy to ensure resident safety.

We will continue to ensure there is ongoing consultation with residents and their nominated persons responsible about changes to visiting at the village as and when required.

Woolgoolga & District Retirement Village Ltd will lock-down the aged care centre immediately, if there is a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 at the village and we will ensure regular communication with residents and persons responsible if this occurs.

Our resident's health remains our priority and we will continue to ensure their needs are fully supported through this difficult time. We will continue to use this website to advise up-to-date information on the evolving situation.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about these arrangements, please contact me on 02 6654 0022 or email me at admin@woolgoolgaretirement.org.au.

Thank you for your continued understanding about all of the precautions being taken by us to keep your loved ones safe.

Sasha Andrews
Chief Executive Officer